Align Yourself TheraBox December 2018

Align Yourself TheraBox December 2018 2 min read

Without a doubt, TheraBox is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions. When I first heard about TheraBox being a self-care subscription, I expected it to only have things like bath bombs and face masks. After all, treating yourself to a mini-spa day at home is one way to take care of yourself. However, TheraBox has that and more! It’s filled with other things like activities that will guide you towards reflecting on yourself and online classes, as you’ll see in the TheraBox December 2018 box. I wish I had heard about TheraBox sooner!


The month to month subscriptions comes out to $34.99/month. Doing a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month prepay will give you some savings. You can also use the code LYNNE10 for 10% off your first purchase!

About TheraBox December 2018

This month’s theme was “align.” Most subscription boxes give you items to prepare for the new year in December, and the TheraBox December 2018 was no exception.

What’s Inside The Box

Just like last month’s box, this one is full of goodies! The total value of the TheraBox December 2018 is over $240! Here’s what’s inside:

  • Elevating the Soul, Melody Litton Align with Your Highest Self eCourse ($89 value)
  • 07 Breather Body Oil by Way of Will ($32+ value)
  • 365 Days Wooden Planner by The Happy Shoppe ($25 value)
  • Morning Perk Eye Serum by Me Time Botanicals ($22.50+ value)
  • Warming Eye Steam Mask by The Happy Shoppe ($20 value)
  • 8oz Floral Bath Milk by Modern Skyn ($18+ value)
  • So Rich Mermaid Tears Cuticle Oil by NCLA ($18+ value)
  • Pre Party Prep Mask by Maskeraide ($7 value)
  • Vanilla Bean 100% Soy Candle by Nika’s Home ($5+ value)
  • Push Pop Confetti by The Happy Shoppe ($5.95 value)
Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Mask, Me Botanicals Morning Perk Eye Serum, and Way of Will 07 Breather Body Oil
Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Mask, Me Botanicals Morning Perk Eye Serum, and Way of Will 07 Breather Body Oil
The Happy Shoppe Wooden Planner
Nika’s Home Vanilla Bean 100% Soy Candle, NCLA So Rich Mermaid Tears Cuticle Oil, Modern Skyn Floral Bath Milk
The Happy Shoppe Warming Eye Steam Mask
The Happy Shoppe Push Pop Confetti and 365 Days Wooden Planner

Final Thoughts

Planners and calendars are something you can expect in many December subscriptions boxes to help subscribers prepare for the new year. The box the planner came in is unique, and I like the quote on top. I think that the confetti was a cute touch for the new year as well. The eCourse is also a great addition as well. There was a nice mix of items in this month’s box, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

TheraBox January 2019 Preview

Next month’s theme is reborn. What do you think will be in the box? Until then, you can check out the TheraBox November 2018 box to get an idea of what type of goodies you can expect!


I am a Brand Ambassador for TheraBox, but I did not get paid for this postSeriously! I don't even get paid if you use my coupon. I just love this box that much!

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