Which is the Better Deal? PIIT28 vs PIIT Pocket

Which is the Better Deal? PIIT28 vs PIIT Pocket 8 min read

If you have seen my before and after photos in my PIIT28 1.0 review, you know that the PIIT28 program was the game-changing workout program for me. Without a doubt, the PIIT28 program works. However, the web version of PIIT28 and the PIIT Pocket app are two separate products, which means two separate prices to pay. When it comes down to PIIT28 vs PIIT Pocket, which is right for you?

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The PIIT28 Program Online


The cost of PIIT28 1.0 alone is $39, but you can save by buying the PIIT28 Power Pack, which includes PIIT28 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 for $79. You can also get the Transformation Pack, which includes all the PIIT28 programs and the 28 Day Reset, for $99.


  • Larger playback screen. While Cassey does preview all the moves at the beginning of each video, you might not remember what a donkey kick or super Mario is right away. Having a larger screen makes it easier to follow along and watch Cassey.
  • One time purchase. One of the best things about the web version is that you have unlimited access to the product for a one time fee. This means you can do PIIT28 as little or as often you want without having to pay again.
  • Options to print ebooks. The ebooks have more than just written instructions; it also contains calendars, a place to track measurements, tips on form and technique. If you bought the Transformation Pack, you’ll also have access to grocery lists from the 28 Day Reset. If you’re someone who likes having paper copies, this is a big plus for you.
  • You can follow along with videos. The PIIT28 website version has videos of Cassey doing one round of each exercise. (You have to replay the video to get the full workout in.) The advantage of this is you can watch Cassey do the workout, and, as usual, she will verbally coach you and give you cues and motivation throughout the video. This is very helpful for beginners.
  • Offline access to ebooks. You are able to download the ebooks on your phone or computer to print or view offline.
  • Option to participate in the PIITstagram challenge. One of the things that got me interested in PIIT28 was the PIITstagram challenge. During the challenge, you will document every day of your PIIT28 journey on Instagram. After completing the challenge, you receive a free PIIT28 top. You don’t even have to pay for shipping!


  • You have to customize workouts yourself. After a few weeks of doing PIIT28, you will probably know the moves by heart (and maybe even Cassey’s dialogue in each video). As much as we love Cassey, it can get a little bit repetitive. If you want to mix up the moves or do the exercise to different music, you will have to set up a timer and line up the moves yourself. This is completely doable but takes a bit of extra work.
  • PIIT28 4.0 will only be released in the app. Unfortunately, due to some scumbags stealing PIIT28 and reselling it online at a lower price, Cassey has decided to release PIIT28 4.0 on the PIIT Pocket app only to protect it from theft.
  • You can’t download the videos. If you were hoping to play the video offline, sorry.
  • Less mobility. It is possible to access the site on your phone, but it is not as easy as the app.
  • Potentially fewer updates. With the release of the PIIT Pocket app, there might be more focus on updating the app than the site. We already know that PIIT28 4.0 will not be released on the site due to plagiarism of the programs already there. It has yet to be confirmed, but the release of PIIT Pocket solves the plagiarism issue. It wouldn’t be surprising if Cassey chooses to focus on further developing the app.

Biggest Things to Consider Before Buying

The customization would be the top thing to consider, in my opinion. Let’s face it: doing the same thing every day can get boring. The original program is great, but there are more than enough moves to mix and create your own exercises with. However, you will have to do that yourself. It is possible, but you will have to come up with the additional tools you need yourself, whether it be writing down the moves and setting up your own timer or printing out the ebook and choosing the moves from there.

Screenshot of PIIT Pocket app loading screen

The PIIT Pocket App


You can subscribe to the app for $9.99/month or $99/year. Purchasing the yearly plan will save you $20.88 versus paying $9.99 a month. For this comparison, I will be focusing on the full, paid version of the app, not the free version. It would be unfair to compare a paid version of a product to a free version of an app.


  • Portability. You might not need a large screen if you’re familiar with Cassey’s programs or are a fitness
  • PIIT28 4.0 will be exclusive to the PIIT Pocket app. As mentioned above, PIIT28 4.0 will only be released on the app to protect the program from thieves. Boo, thieves!
  • Monthly updates. According to the app, there will be monthly updates to add new exercises to keep things fresh.
  • The scheduler makes it easy to know what day you are on. It can get a little confusing starting day 1 on day 20 of the month. Using the scheduler can help you keep track of meals and exercises regardless of what day you start on.
  • Amazing built-in timer with verbal and visual cues. What I love about the timer is not only do you get a three-second warning when time is almost up, Cassey will tell you what move is coming next. The GIF of the move will also play above the timer in case you forget what the move looks like.
  • Play your own music without interrupting the timer. The timer also connects with Spotify so you don’t have to workout in silence!


  • You have to pay even if you don’t use the app. Unless you remember to unsubscribe to the plan for the months you know you won’t be using the app, you will potentially be paying for something you don’t use.
  • No access to ebooks. If having a hard copy of a program is something you love, sorry to break it to you, but that’s not possible with the app.
  • Less instruction. The app does provide written instructions and a gif of each move, but some people prefer videos. If you are one of the people that prefer to follow along to a video, you won’t have that for the PIIT28 exercises, just the other Blogilates exercises.
  • No PIITstagram calendar. The PIITstagram calendar is not accessible in the app. It is only available in the website version of PIIT28, and this is what you need to complete to get the free PIIT28 tank top.
  • You can’t download the videos. While the app does make it easy to access the Blogilates videos and sorts them by the type of workout, you still cannot download videos to watch offline.

Biggest Things to Consider Before Buying

How often do you vary your exercise routine? To get your money’s worth out of the app, you have to actually use it. If you are on the monthly plan and you use it every day, you’re basically only paying 33 cents a day(!). However, if you only use the app twice a year, you’re paying $59.94 for a single workout. If you’re someone who is planning on doing more than just PIIT28 for your regular workouts, the app might not be for you.

PIIT28 Vs PIIT Pocket Final Thoughts

There honestly is no clear winner here because it depends on what you are looking for.

In my opinion, before choosing which product you want, you need to have a good idea of how often you will use it. This is really important to consider if you are on a budget. While they are the same program, each version has features unique to its format, but those features don’t matter if they’re not being used. If you do other forms of exercise regularly like dance or yoga, the PIIT28 website version might be better for you because it is a one time purchase you can go back to whenever you want. However, if you like the idea of making your own workouts using the PIIT28 moves and would like to make that your main workout, then the PIIT Pocket app might be for you.

Another major factor to consider is your learning style. Are you comfortable using a GIF and some written instructions to learn new moves? Or do you prefer watching a video of Cassey doing the move full out? The website version offers full videos of each exercise as originally formatted. The app does give you access to videos, but they are videos from the blogilates YouTube channel, not the follow along videos for PIIT28.

Finally, there is the matter of convenience. Some people love paper, and having a physical shopping list or calendar printout works best for them. Others want nothing to do with paper. What does convenience mean to you? Do you prefer paper, or are you a tech type of person? Is watching on a larger screen more convenient, or is having a portable playback device more important? The website version gives you the option to turn your digital goods into paper products while the app is more portable and customizable. Which of these features means the most to you?

Want to learn more about each product? Check out my results with the original PIIT28 program, or read my review of the PIIT Pocket app.

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