Does PIIT28 Actually Work? An Honest PIIT28 Review

Does PIIT28 Actually Work? An Honest PIIT28 Review 10 min read

Imagine this: By spending just 28 minutes and 40 seconds a day for 28 days, you can slim down, increase your stamina, and boost your overall confidence without the use of any gym equipment. Plus you get a free exclusive tank top if you manage to complete the challenge! Blogliates’ frontwoman Cassey Ho has managed to put together a program called PIIT28 that aims to achieve all that and more. Most people will tell you if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam, so the question stands: is PIIT28 worth the hype? This PIIT28 review has all the details from the point of view of someone who hadn’t worked out in over two years.

The PIIT28 Program

Let’s talk about what PIIT28 even is. PIIT stands for, “Pilates Intense Interval Training.” PIIT28 is a variable intensity interval training program. This means that you are rotating between high-intensity, medium-intensity, and low-intensity training for a short, efficient workout. With PIIT28, you’ll be doing 7 different moves, and you will do each move for 45 seconds with a short 15-second break in between each move. Repeat the set until you’ve done four rounds, and you’ve got your 28 minutes 40-second workout for the day.

Just to be clear, this PIIT28 review is on the PIIT28 program, not the PIIT28 classes you might be able to go to at your local gym. They are actually two different things. The group fitness class is based on the original PIIT28 program.

Going on, one thing I do want to note is that the actual workout is 28 minutes and 40 seconds. This does not include the warm-ups or the cool-downs, which I highly recommend everyone do. Warming up is essential. Trying to go hard with cold muscles is the simplest recipe for injury. As for cooling down, if you don’t want to be super sore the next day…

Here is how the program is laid out: there are two rounds, and they are 28 days each. You will be working out six times a week. The program comes with 17(!) guided videos, along with ebooks breaking down the moves and warm-ups, a rep sheet for you to print and track your progress, and a forum and Facebook group for you to interact with other people taking on the challenge. If that’s not enough for you, there is also the PIITstagram challenge in which you post your progress daily on Instagram. This is how you prove that you earned the PIIT28 tank top. In addition to tons of resources and a supportive community, you also get four calendars to follow, a workout calendar and a calendar with PIITstagram prompts for both rounds.

(Image: Arianna Lynne)

PIIT28 Pricing

At the time of the writing of this PIIT28 review, PIIT28 1.0 by itself is $39, but you can save by getting PIIT28 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 as the Power Pack bundle 1.0 for $79.

If you want to go all out and include the 28 Day Reset and save even more, you can get the Transformation Pack which includes all three programs and the 28 Day Reset. You can also get the Transformation Pack – Vegan option if you prefer! This is definitely the best deal as the 28 Day Reset is $69 by itself!

My Fitness Level

Before we dive into my personal journey, I wanted to talk about the level of fitness I was at when I started. When I review things, I like to be 100% transparent. After all, if I was buff to begin with, can I really say it was because of PIIT28?

Well, I wasn’t someone loaded with muscles or someone who could run a marathon. I barely exercised after high school, to be honest. At this point, I hadn’t been on a consistent exercise schedule for over two years. I was not taking any additional supplements or vitamins before or during the program. These results really are 100% from PIIT28.

The only major lifestyle change worth mentioning that I did during the program was watching my portions a little more closely when I ate. I did this by actually reading the serving sizes on the nutrition labels and tracking my food intake with MyFitnessPal. I also increased my water intake because, let’s face it, drinking coffee all day does not count as staying hydrated.

The Journey & PIIT28 Review

Okay, I’ll be honest here. If you haven’t done a proper workout in a while, the hardest part of this program is not the moves themselves. You can always modify moves and slow down if you need to. (Also, don’t be ashamed of having to do so. People aren’t born physically fit. They work towards it.) The most difficult aspect of this program or any other workout program is starting. 6 days a week? The only thing I could do that consistently at the time was log into Facebook.

Week One

The first day took a lot of effort. At this point, I hadn’t exercised for about two years. I found that the key to getting started was to just do it. If I allowed myself to think, I would make an excuse for myself. I’m too tired, I have other stuff to do, I can just do it tomorrow, etc. I chose a day and committed to it.

The first week was not pretty. I was definitely not able to go at Cassey’s pace, but I pushed myself to go at my own pace, which meant only two rounds for me. That was my absolute max. I wanted to be consistent, so I stuck with two rounds everyday for week one.

Week Two

Week two was not as bad. By the middle of the week, I went from two rounds to three. I wasn’t getting winded as easily. By the end of week two, I could tell my stamina was picking up. It was not quite where I wanted to be, but I was actually starting to see results.

Pro Tip:

At first, I felt bad about not doing all four rounds, but this needs to be said: listen to your body. If I had pushed myself to do all four rounds when my lungs felt like they were on fire, I could have hurt myself. There is a difference between slowing down because it’s too much and slowing down because you just don’t want to do it. No matter what workout you are doing, listen to your body.

Week Three

By week three, I could do pushups! It might not seem like a big deal to some people, but I was never able to do a proper pushup. Seriously. Upper body strength was never my thing.

Week Four

Week four was a piece of cake. For the most part, I was able to maintain my pace throughout the entire workout. I was feeling extremely confident in myself and my progress. And the results? I was blown away. You’ll see them in the next section.

Throughout the journey, I followed the posts in the PIIT28 Facebook group. The support in the group is so amazing that I have to include them in the PIIT28 review. You meet both men and women of all fitness levels. I have been in fitness Facebook groups in the past, and nothing compares to the PIIT28 group and how much support you get, both on Facebook and Instagram. The PIIT community is not a place for trolls or humblebrags; it is a place to give and receive support. If you have a question or personal experience you want to share, you will almost always get a reply with some encouragement, advice, and/or praise.

Pro Tip:

Treat your workout sessions like an appointment. How often do you prolong a doctor appointment because you’re too tired or want to procrastinate your health? This is the same thing. A workout is an appointment to maintain your health.

The Results

What’s a PIIT28 review without any selfies? I hated the idea of taking progress pictures at first. It was almost like, “I know I hate how I look now. Why would I want a record of the body that I hate? Why can’t I just take pictures when I look good?” Trust me on this: Take those selfies. I’ll show you why.

These are my actual results from round one of PIIT28 1.0.

Day 1 vs. Day 14 of PIIT28 1.0. (Image: Arianna Lynne)

This picture blew my mind. I did not expect to see any progress in such little time because two weeks seemed like such a short amount of time. I remember thinking, “I feel like I’m barely making any progress! Is this really working?” With these pictures, I proved to myself it was working. In just two weeks, my mini beer gut was almost completely gone, and my stomach was starting to flatten.

Day 1 vs Day 28 of PIIT28 1.0 (Image: Arianna Lynne)

The rate at which my body shrank decreased slowly during the last two weeks, but I did notice I started to gain muscle. I am not exaggerating when I say I did my first proper push up during this program. I have always had weak upper body strength. Remember when I said the hardest part was starting and not the moves itself? This concept also applies to the areas you are weakest at.

Even with the most basic version of certain moves, I was initially too weak to do it more than three times a round. I could have over-simplified the move just to make myself feel better, or I could have just skipped the move completely because I knew I couldn’t do it at the time. However, when you cheat on a workout, the only person you’re cheating is yourself. If one push up was all I could really do, that’s what I would do. It was better than none or an incorrect one done a hundred times.

side by side comparison of PIIT28 progress photos
PIIT28 Review: Day 1 (left), day 14 (middle), and day 28 (right) of PIIT28 1.0. (Image: Arianna Lynne)

Seeing the side by side comparisons of the start, middle, and end of my journey for the first time was an eye-opening experience for me. As conceited as it may sound, became my own motivation. The progress photos were proof that progress happens as long as you are consistent and honest with your efforts. The craziest thing? I weigh the exact same I did on day one that I did day 28. This program really showed me that your weight is not always the best way to measure your progress. This is why progress pics are so important. The number on the scale might not be changing, but you definitely are with PIIT28.

PIIT28 Review: The Final Verdict

PIIT28 gave me the push I needed to embrace fitness, not because I wanted to look good, but because I wanted to feel good. The fact that I did not lose any weight during this program really put things into perspective for me. I was that person who would check my weight regularly and base my progress solely on that number that appeared above my feet. There are different ways to gauge progress, but the best way is to compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

So, is PIIT28 worth it? Yes, 100%. Everyone’s results will differ, but as long as you are truly motivated to make a lifestyle change and can honestly commit to the program, you will see results. No one can make the change happen for you. No supplement, diet, or program can give you the body you want unless you put the work into it. Real change does not happen overnight; it takes time and consistent effort.

Also, the tank top is pretty awesome.

Arianna Lynne taking a selfie featuring the PIIT28 completion tank top
Selfie with the PIIT28 completion tank. (Image: Arianna Lynne)

Want to give PIIT28 a try? Click here to get started! You can also check out the PIIT28 original program vs PIIT Pocket comparison.


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