Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018 Review

Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018 Box 3 min read

Subscription boxes are amazing because there are boxes for just about every hobby and interest you can think of, from crafts and DIY to wine and lifestyle.  The Kathryn Morgan Haul is a subscription box geared towards ballet dancers. If you haven’t heard of Kathryn, she is a former soloist with the New York City Ballet. When it comes to ballet, Kathryn knows her stuff. Each haul has a theme based on a ballet production. The Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018 box was based on Act 1 of Giselle – Harvest Time.

The Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018

The contents of the Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018 displayed in box.

In the Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018 box, you’ll find the following items:

  • Ballet Rosa Leotard
  • DanceWear corner tights in ballet pink
  • Ballet Rosa pouch
  • Cala WET-N-DRY Mini Hair Brush (Rose Gold)
  • Beauty Treats argan hair polisher

Clothing Items

Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018 leotard and tights.

Every Kathryn Morgan Haul comes with a leotard and pair of tights. The Bella Rosa leotard matches the fall and Harvest Time theme with its burgundy color. The tights are ballet pink, a staple color for every dancer. They are also convertible, which is great for dancers who do different styles, such as lyrical.


Kathryn Morgan Haul Fall 2018 Accessories

The accessories that come with every haul differs. You can get a variety of hair accessories, shoe bags, and so much more. This haul comes with a Bella Rosa pouch, a Cala WET-N-DRY Mini Hair Brush, and the Beauty Treats argan polisher.

You can tell that burgundy is one of the main colors of this box when you take a look at the Bella Rosa pouch. It’s the same color as the leotard, but it’s accented with gold lettering that makes the design exclusive to the haul. The pouch is very roomy and can fit multiple accessories. There are no additional pockets inside, so that might make organizing small items a hassle. I used it to carry extra pairs of tights.

Gold seems to be the second color to this theme as the Cala WET-N-DRY mini hair brush is a rose gold color. The bristles are softer than other hair brushes, making it almost relaxing as it gently goes through your hair. With that said, the soft bristles do make it a bit difficult for untangling hair. On the bright side, the brush is the perfect size for travel or your bag for a quick fix on the go.

Finally, the last product is the Beauty Treats argan polisher. Argan oil has vitamin E, which can help smooth frayed hair. It will also help strengthen your hair while giving it a healthy shine. The haul comes with a huge bottle that will last you quite a while because you only need 2-5 drops per use.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this haul was great. The colors are very coordinated, from the box to the contents. While this is my first Kathryn Morgan Haul review on the blog, I have been subscribed to the haul since the very beginning. Every leotard so far has been unique in color and design, and the tights are very durable. I also like how the accessories work together in that the hairbrush and polisher go together, and the pouch holds everything in.

Past boxes have also included other clothing items, such as ballet skirts and legwarmers. I hope that the next haul will include something like that, but I haven’t been disappointed with what I have been getting so far!

Arianna Lynne
Arianna Lynne

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