60+ Self Affirmations to Raise Your Motivation In Any Situation

60+ Self Affirmations to Raise Your Motivation In Any Situation 5 min read

Have you ever had a day when your mind is filled with nothing but negative thoughts? “This is hard. I can’t do this. There is no way I’ll ever be able to finish this!” Having a rough day from time to time is normal, but these negative thoughts can do more damage than we think. The more we repeat them, the more we believe they are true. We can undo the negative mindset with self affirmations.

What Are Self Affirmations?

Self affirmations are sayings that can relieve you from anxiety, negativity, and self-sabotage. They’re mantras that can help you change the way you think by broadening your perspective. Think of it as exercise for your mind. When we want to become physically stronger, we exercise regularly to build up muscles. Self affirmations do the same. The idea is that these statements will help you overcome negative thoughts through repetition.

There are three key elements of positive self affirmations:

  • Positive self affirmations are written in the present tense.
  • Only positive words are used.
  • They are spoken as statements of fact.

You can use these elements to create your own self affirmations. Reading some motivational quotes can also inspire you!

The Science Behind Self Affirmations

The practice of repeating self affirmations are not just a trend that is rising out of nowhere. Research and experiments are being done to investigate exactly why self affirmations have such a wide range of effects on our emotions and behavior. For example, C. Critcher and D. Dunning conducted a series of experiments to create a “model of how self-affirmations alleviate threat and defensiveness.” Their findings show that affirmations can reduce threats to ones identity by offering putting the threats in a broader context. In other words, self affirmations work because they change your mindset on how you view things. Critcher and Dunning concluded that further research needs to be conducted for find what exact circumstances self affirmations are best effective, but it’s undeniable that there is something to be said about the value of self affirmations.

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Self Affirmations For When You Need A Confidence Boost

  1. I believe in my skills and abilities.
  2. I have the power to achieve my goals.
  3. My mind is full of brilliant and amazing ideas.
  4. I will continue to learn and grow.
  5. I love the person I am becoming.
  6. My drive allows me to achieve my goals.
  7. I deserve to be happy and successful.
  8. I am stronger than any negative thought or action.
  9. Every action I take increases my confidence.
  10. I have the power to control life and choose the way it goes.
  11. I am at peace with who I am as a person.
  12. I’m deserving of love and respect.
  13. I am in control of how I react to others.
  14. I deserve to take up space.
  15. My past is in the past. I am in control of the future.
  16. I am happy with who I am.
  17. My life is a gift, and I am grateful for everything I have.
  18. I trust myself to make the right decisions.
  19. I stand by my decisions.
  20. My contributions to the world are valuable.
  21. Self-confidence is something I thrive on.

Self Affirmations For Reaching Your Fitness Goals

  1. I have the qualities I need to achieve my goals.
  2. My potential to succeed is infinite.
  3. I love everything about my body.
  4. I crave healthy, nutritious foods.
  5. My body is full of energy.
  6. I approve of who I am today and who I will become tomorrow
  7. I have the power to reach my goals.
  8. My body is a temple, and I work out because I love my body.
  9. I love and approve of myself.
  10. I trust in my ability to reach my goals.

Self Affirmations For Relationships

  1. My relationship is becoming stronger and deeper each day.
  2. My partner is my soulmate, and we are perfectly matched.
  3. I am loving and lovable.
  4. My partner and I want the best for each other, and I will support them.
  5. I create healthy boundaries with my partner.
  6. I appreciate everything my partner does for me.
  7. My partner and I have fun together, and we enjoy every second.
  8. I am deserving of a caring and long lasting relationship.
  9. My friends and family love and accept me for who I am.
  10. I have friends and family who approve of me and therefore support me.
  11. I let go of my past relationships and look forward for the future.
  12. My relationships are fulfilling and full of love.

Self Affirmations For When You Need Change In Your Life

  1. I have the ability to abandon old habits and create new ones.
  2. I wake up happy and full of joy every single day.
  3. My life is full of opportunities that lead me to where I want to be.
  4. I choose friends who approve of me.
  5. I’m able to create the life I desire.
  6. I am open to new adventures in my life.
  7. I welcome positivity and opportunity into my life.
  8. My choices are smart, and I see the opportunities I have.
  9. I deserve to take up space because I am worthy.
  10. I am able to create the life I want and enjoy it.

Self Affirmations For When You Are In Tough Times

  1. Difficult times are just a short phase of life, and I will overcome them.
  2. I deserved to be employed and well-paid, and my efforts, ideas, and my time are valuable.
  3. Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.
  4. I am allowed to take the time I need to heal.
  5. Tough times are a part of my journey that allow me to appreciate the good in life.
  6. I am amazing, and I deserve to be happy.
  7. I’m blessed with an amazing family and friends.
  8. I can choose to make my curses my blessings.
  9. My wisdom guides me to make the right decisions.
  10. I am intelligent, unique, and above all, worthy of love.
  11. I forgive others and myself for doing the wrong thing.
  12. The solution I need is there even if I don’t see it yet.
  13. I am amazing and therefore able to overcome any difficulties that come my way.
  14. I am in control, and I choose to rise above adversity.
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Arianna Lynne

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