5 Simple (And Free!) Ways to Relieve Stress

5 Simple (And Free!) Ways to Relieve Stress 3 min read

Stress is something that plagues everyone. No one is immune to stress. Some people like to relieve stress through retail therapy or by taking a spa day. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that. So, how can you destress on the cheap?

1. Take A Nap

It’s time to become one with your bed (or couch). Grab your favorite blanket and get settled in. Don’t be ashamed to snuggle with your favorite stuffed animal if you have one. You might be feeling stressed because you are running on fumes. Give yourself a little time to recharge. You might find that picking up where you left off after a nice nap will do the trick.

2. Be Present With The 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique

We live in a world where information, responsibilities, and tasks can come at us left and right with no warning. This can overload our senses and cause us to disconnect from the present, making us feel like we are losing control. You can take back control using the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique, which can be done anywhere at any time. By reconnecting with your senses and being mindful of your surroundings, you will start to regain control of your mind and recollect yourself. Take a deep breath, and follow these instructions:

3. Listen To Music

Even if you do not have a premium account on a streaming service like Spotify, if you are reading this, that means you have access to the Internet. Hop onto YouTube and find a playlist of your favorite jams. Sit back, close your eyes, and relax. Alternatively, jump up and down while fist pumping. Whatever makes you happy. There’s something about the power of words and music together that speaks to the soul.

4. Clean Up Around The House

Alright, hear me out for a second. You might be thinking, “The last thing I want to do when I’m stressed is clean! How is this a way to relieve stress?” Trust me, that’s how I feel most days too, but if your surrounding is just as cluttered as your mind, there is no escaping the stress. Cleaning your room or work area will not only get you moving around a bit, but it will also leave you one less thing to worry about.

5. Walk Off The Stress

By taking a walk, I don’t mean briskly go through your neighborhood on foot. Slow down and really take in your surroundings as you stroll through the block, park, or beach. You may notice something that you have never seen before or see someone you’ve been living next to for the last five years but never realized. Sometimes, life moves faster than we can handle, and we are caught in a never-ending cycle of trying to keep up. The truth is, we are the ones moving too fast. Taking a break won’t hurt you. Your work and chores will still be there when you get back. The people, the buildings, and the environment around you, that can change, and it can happen without notice. Take it all in while you still can.

Arianna Lynne
Arianna Lynne

Hey, it’s Arianna Lynne, the creator of Yoga With Mimosas. I am a certified POP Pilates and PIIT28 instructor with an obsession for learning kpop dances. I want to help others find balance between life and fitness. You can reach me at [email protected]

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