How to Get Healthy, Glowing Skin on a Budget

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Anyone who has taken a stroll down the aisles of Sephora or Ulta knows that beauty products can get spendy. With $30 cleansers and $68 moisturizers on the market, a skincare routine might not be on the top of your list of things to budget for. The good news is that you don’t have to commit to high-end products for healthy, glowing skin. Budget skincare products can be just as good!

The Basics of a Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare routines, the order you use products does matter. After all, it just doesn’t make sense to put everything on and then wash it all off.

To stay true to the budget part of the Beauty on a Budget series, we’ll be using the basic skeleton of every skincare routine:

  • Cleanser: wash away the dirt and makeup
  • Toner: remove excess dirt, balance the pH of your skin, and control acne
  • Moisturizer: hydrate and soften the skin
  • Sunscreen: protect your skin during the day

More advanced skincare routines use more products, such as serums, face oils, and eye creams, but that is for a future post.

Choose the Right Budget Skincare Products For You

You always want to make sure any new products you use works with your skin. One way to test a product that is brand new to you is to do a self-patch test:

  • Simply dab a small amount of product onto the inside of your neck or the side of your neck. The skin on these areas is thinner than the rest of the skin on your body.
  • Cover the area with a bandage.
  • If you don’t see any reaction after 24 hours, this means the product should be safe for your skin. When in doubt, always consult a dermatologist or other professional.

It also helps to know what skin type you have (oily, dry, combination, or normal) and to take note of any concerns (wrinkles, acne, dark spots). There’s always something for everyone, even when it comes to budget skin care products!

Create Your Budget Skincare Routine

Without further ado, these are my recommendations for cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and sunscreen products. The best thing about these budget skin care products is that are all quality items under $15!

Choose one cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your skincare routine, as well as some sunscreen to protect your skin during the day. Simply layer it on after your moisturizer.


Cleansers do the bulk of the dirt removal, cleaning your face of dirt and makeup. Using cleansers also helps unclog pores and prevent skin conditions like acne.

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is the first cleanser I used when I started taking skincare seriously. Its gentle, soap-free formula makes it perfect for all skin types. The fact that it is suitable for all skin types makes it the perfect cleanser for beginners. Get it on Amazon for only $7.69.

CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash

The CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash is a good choice for people with dry skin. The fragrance-free formula ensures that your skin won’t be irritated after use. It also has hyaluronic acid to help your skin maintain its natural moisture. You can get this on Amazon for only $12.93.

Ariul Natural Facial Face Wash Cleanser Cleansing Foam

If you have oily or combination skin, the Ariul Natural Facial Face Wash Cleanser Cleansing Foam is a good place to start. The Ariul Natural Face Wash Cleanser Cleansing Foam has an oil-free formula that calms and cleanses your skin. You can order this on Amazon for $12.99.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Cleanser

If you have acne prone skin, the Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Cleanser has your back. This detoxifying cleanser uses charcoal to draw out impurities and tomato extract to give your skin its daily dose of antioxidants. It also gently exfoliates and deep cleans your pores. Get this for only $9.51 on Amazon!

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Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel has been my go-to toner when I am on a budget. For only $6.99 on Amazon, it’s a steal! The alcohol-free formula means this toner won’t dry out your skin, and the aloe vera will help lighten blemishes and fight signs of aging. The rose petals is not just for looks either. Roses are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to help maintain the skin’s pH balance. There’s a reason rose products are so popular nowadays!

Neutrogena Oil- and Alcohol-Free Facial Toner Hypoallergenic Formula

Neutrogena is a brand that many people try out when they begin their skincare routine because it is so affordable. Their oil-free and alcohol-free toner is no exception. At only $5.68, it’s a bargain! This hypoallergenic, alcohol-free formula won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean without any dryness or stinging.

Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner

Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner is another great choice because it is made of 99.9% natural ingredients. This toner is created with a blend of rosewater, aloe vera, and glycerin to help soften your skin and keep it feeling fresh. You can get it on Amazon only $10.86!


Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Facial Moisturizer

The Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Facial Moisturizer is a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. This moisturizer gently hydrates the skin without making your skin greasy or shiny. At only $8.62 on Amazon, this is one of the most affordable products on this entire list!

Beauty by Earth Oil Control Moisturizer

For those of you who prefer products with organic and natural ingredients, the Oil Control Face Moisturizer from Beauty By Earth is a great place to start. This moisturizer is packed with natural ingredients that help fight signs of aging and moisturizes your skin without feeling too oily or heavy. While this moisturizer is great for all skin types, it’s perfect for anyone with oily skin because of the oil control. You can get the Oil Control Face Moisturizer from Beauty By Earth for only $13.99 on Amazon!


When it comes to choosing your budget skincare products for your routine, you always want to make sure you include sunscreen even if you don’t plan on being outside for very long. Rain or shine, the ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage and skin cancer is always present. There’s no excuse not to use sunscreen!

Neutrogena Sport Face Oil-Free Lotion Sunscreen

The Neutrogena Sport Face Oil-Free Lotion Sunscreen is my go-to sunscreen for days I plan on doing outdoor activities, such as hiking. This sunscreen is made to resist sweat, water, wiping, and rubbing. It is also my favorite sunscreen for days I don’t plan on wearing any makeup because it is lightweight and doesn’t clog your pores. If I had to choose just one thing on this entire list to buy, it would be the Neutrogena Sport Face Oil-Free Lotion Sunscreen. A skincare routine means nothing if you’re not protecting your skin from the sun. At only $8.99, this product is perfect for anyone on a budget.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Facial Moisturizer

On days I plan on wearing makeup, I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Facial Moisturizer as both my moisturizer and sunscreen. The moisturizer is formulated with Total Soy Complex, which works to even your skin tone and moisturizer. It’s also non-greasy and wearable under makeup. This SPF30 moisturizer is one of the spendier items on the list with a price tag of $13.97, but it is worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

Creating a skincare routine with budget skin care products is absolutely possible. Many YouTubers and celebrities use high-end products daily, but it is hard to work with quality products right off the bat. If you don’t know what works with your skin, you could be throwing tons of money on products that just won’t work for you. Everyone’s skin is different, and a good way to start a skincare routine is with budget skin care products.

Not convinced you even need a skincare routine in the first place? Check out 5 Reasons You Need A Skincare Routine to see why you should have a skincare routine.


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