Watch These 5 YouTube Channels To Reach Your Summer Fitness Goals

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One of my favorite things about YouTube is the wide variety of content creators. You can find just about anything on YouTube, from woodworking tutorials to silly cat videos that you for some reason can’t stop watching. The best part is that it’s free! So why not take advantage of YouTube and check out these five channels that will help you reach your summer fitness goals.

1. The Fitness Marshall

What’s summer without a little dancing? The Fitness Marshall will get you hot and sweaty with his dance choreography to today’s hottest beats. Caleb’s energy is also extremely addicting, and it makes you want to dance to more than just one song! It’s fun, easy to follow, and will definitely get your cardio in!


2. Tone It Up

Tone It Up founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are experts in fitness, nutrition, and everything wellness. Their channel has a wide variety of exercises, meditations, and challenges to help you get motivated, and their site and app has even more! Also, for those who are wanting to exercise but have a bun in the oven, you are not alone. Karena has a little one on the way as well and provides modifications and tips on being safe during exercise.


3. Anna McNulty

One of my personal summer fitness goals is to increase my flexibility. This girl is seriously flexible. Anna is a 16-year-old dancer and cheerleader whose strength and flexibility will amaze you. She has videos for beginners to advanced, as well as tips on how to improve skills such as tilt jumps, split leaps, and handstands. If you don’t even know how to do these skills yet, don’t worry; Anna has tutorial videos as well.


4. Kathryn Morgan

Maybe one of your goals this summer is to refine your dance skills as you await the next dance season. If this sounds like you, Kathryn Morgan has got your back. Kathryn Morgan, the face behind the Kathryn Morgan Haul, is a former soloist with the New York City Ballet, and she takes her experience and skills with her and breaks it down for you in her YouTube videos. Even if you are an absolute beginner who is just thinking about possibly taking a ballet class, this channel can still be for you. Kathryn even has some full beginner classes that you can follow along!


5. Blogilates

Okay, no fitness list of mine can be complete without the channel that started it all for me. The reason I love blogilates is that there are options for everyone. Whether you are someone who hasn’t done a workout in years or you are someone who exercises in their sleep, you will find something on this channel for you.


Which fitness channels will you be watching to reach your summer fitness goals?

Arianna Lynne
Arianna Lynne

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